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Truck Transport

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Truck transport - car park

  • Our company dispose cars with HR arm, containers and a car for a rough terrain.
  • Car park and machine equipment can satisfy requirements of big building companies as well as small builders.
  • We offer cars with the hydraulic arm for truck transport and material shipment. We ship building and construction materials, machines and containers.
  • The hydraulic arm (mounted on a DAF truck) is used for crane and assembly work with light constructions up to the reach of 8,5 m.
  • We offer services with a container with a hook system.
  • Containers of various volume are available.
  • Manipulation with containers is ensured by DAF or AVIA trucks.
  • Praga V3S is suitable for terrain works.

DAF LF Truck transport - Martin Andrýsek

DAF LF Truck

  • Container
  • Hydraulic arm
  • Platform truck
  • Transport and unload by the hydraulic arm, can be used as a platform truck
  • Shipment of building equipment, bulk materials, aggregates, sand and concrete.
  • Manipulation with the hydraulic arm on a building site
  • Inland road truck transport
  • Net load 5 t

Avia Truck transport - Martin Andrýsek

Avia Truck

  • Container
  • We ensure sorted and unsorted building debris clearing away
  • We ensure municipal and mixed building waste carrying away
  • Bulk material transport (sand, gravel, clay), concrete
  • Transport of manipulation and building equipment, passenger cars
  • Transport of wood, coal and all building materials
  • Net load 2,5 t

Praga V3S Truck - Martin Andrýsek

Praga V3S Truck

  • Tipping truck Praga V3S
  • Special truck for rough and hard to reach terrain, transport of clay and all bulk materials.


Truck Transport for ČR

Autodoprava po ČR


Truck Transport for SR

Autodoprava po SR

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